I didn't realize until I went to update this website and my bio, how much I have reinvented myself  and grown (and just not in waist size) since I last wrote my bio. In 2018 I fell  in love with wild horses after photographing them in the Spring Mountains outside of Las Vegas. I literally believe that those weekly treks to the mountains were the only thing that saved my sanity during the COVID pandemic and the ugly presidential race. Since, I have become an advocate of the plight of the wild horses, who's numbers are being decreased drastically by the BLM. A portion of my photography/art/jewelry sales are  donated to help save the wild ones. 

I also started creating art, which I had not done since my high school years. I broadened my art focus into making jewelry as well.  Meditation, which I am also new to, has helped  me focus on my art and photography.

This is the part where I encourage my viewers not to give up on your dreams. You will never grow old if you continue to learn and dream! 

Keep on dreaming, friends!


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